Sunday, 30 May 2010


Good morning class,

The end of the course is coming but don't get panic ... we have some exercises and explanations that may help you to pass your last test .

Let's start working with THE PAST SIMPLE forms .

Today we are going to:

-Review REGULAR and IRREGULAR verbs .

- Learn and practise the PAST SIMPLE NEGATIVE .

1- Remember the spelling rules when we use -ED ( Regular Verb)

short verb - CVC ---- CVCC Stop - stopped

consonant + Y --- ied Try - tried

vowel + Y ---ed Play -played

Verb with final e- arrive- arrived

1-Click HERE and HERE to practise . Now continue practising with these exercises.Click HERE and HERE .

OK, let's work now with IRREGULAR VERBS.

2-Remember that irregular verbs have a different form to create the past . Here you have a list of irregular verbs . If you don't find a verb in this list , it is not an irregular verb . Do these activities . Click HERE and HERE .
3-Now, a little bit more difficult . Use Regular or Irregular verbs in these exercises. Click HERE .
OK, let's study now the negative form .

To say no, to make the negative we use the word DIDN'T and then the verb in its base form ( without -ED or in the first column) .

4. Make the negative of these sentences in your NOTEBOOK.

4. Change these regular verbs into the negative form:

a) I visited my grandparents

b) She played football .

c) They washed the car.

d) We watched the TV.

e) You studied a lot.

5. Change these irregular verbs into the negative form:

a) I drank milk with Cola-Cao.

b) She drove very fast.

c) They went to the party.

d) My cousin bought a new bike.

e) The class began at 8:00.

Monday, 17 May 2010


Bon dia . Avui estudiaren el passat del verb to be . D'aquest primer enllaç que té explicacions del verb to BE en present i en passat , heu de copiar al quadern els exercicis Let's practice i Homework , clicau AQUI . Després podeu fer aquest segon enllaç amb l'ordinador AQUI,i aquest altre AQUI . En acabar , podeu fer els exercicis de l'ordinador dels temes 5 i 6 .