Tuesday, 31 May 2011


1- Read the text . Copy the text in an open office file .

The Bermuda Triangle.

It was a sunny afternoon in 1945. Five American planes were flying over the sea near Florida . Everything was fine. Suddenly, the pilots sent a strange message to their controllers: This is an emergency. We're lost" .
"Fly west", the controllers said. The pilots sent this answer:
" Everything is wrong- strange. We aren't sure of any direction. The sea looks different

Then the five planes disappeared. The pilots' last words were : "We are completely lost." The controllers sent another plane to look for the pilots. That plane disappeared too.
Soon , people were talking about the " Bermuda Triangle". Strange things happen in this part of the ocean . For example, an American ship called the USS Cyclops disappeared. There were 300 men on the ship .The weather was sunny. The ship did not send any messages. Where did it go ? Nobody knows . The Bermuda Triangle is a mystery .

2. Answer the questions . Write complete sentences .

1- When did five Amercian planes disappear ?

2- Was it raining when they disappeared ?

3- Why did the controllers send another plane ?

4- What happened to the other plane ?

5- What was the USS Cyclops ?

6- Did the USS Cyclops send any messages ?

Monday, 30 May 2011


Good morning boys and girls ,
Summertime is coming but we still have one exam left to take . so let's practice some refreshing exercises about COUNTABLE/UNCOUNTABLE , SOME/ANY and SHOULD/SHOULDN'T .
To have a brief explanation about some/any click 1 , now do 2. 3 , 4 , . Let's continue with COUNTABLE/UNCOUNTABLE exercises 5 , 6 , and now HOW MUCH/HOW MANY 7 , 7B , 7C , . ( be careful it has 6 different parts ) Let's continue with mixed exercises 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 .
Ok , well done now let's finish with SHOULD/SHOULDN'T 12 , 13 , 14 and 15 .

Sunday, 15 May 2011


1-Read this text.


Last month I was on holiday in Ireland with my mum and dad. One day, we were driving through a small village. It was time for lunch, so we stopped at a restaurant .
It was a large , old builiding. We looked through the window. There were lots of people in the restaurant. They were eating , drinking and chatting . A musician was playing the violin. But there was something strange about the people . They weren't wearing normal , modern clothes. They were wearing hats, jackets and dresses from another century . We couldn't understand it. But we were hungry , so we opened the door .
When we went into the restaurant, everything was different. The people were wearing normal clothes. The musician wasn't there- the music was on CD. It was a very strange experience !


2- Now copy these questions in a new file and answer them .

1- Who was Daniel on holiday with ?
2- Why did they stopa at a restaurant ?
3- What were the people in the restaurant doing ?
4- What instrument was the musician playing ?
5- What was strange about their clothes?
6- When they went into the restaurant, did they see the musician ?


1-Look at the picture and write what these people were doing when the teacher arrived at the school ?


1- When the teacher arrived , the girl in number 1 was sitting on a bench and she was studying .

Write your sentences in the new file .


2-Do you remember a strange or scary story? . Write a short story about a terrifying experience in your life . (80-100 words )

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Good morning class ,
First let's do some Past Continuous activities .

Click 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 .
Well done , now let's work with Past Simple and Past continuous ,but first , pay attention to this explanation. Click 5 , then do exercises 6 , 7 , 8 .

OK , now something a little bit more difficult . Let's see how much you remember about the vocabulary we studied in our last on-line splitting session about parts of the house . Click 9 .

Monday, 2 May 2011


Good morning class,
I hope you have enjoyed your holidays but now we need to start working hard because the end of the course is coming and I think we 'd better refresh some old concepts and explanations you probably don't remember now, but don't worry I've got some exercises to refresh your mind .

Today we are going to work the contrast between Present Simple and Present Continuous . First a sort of explanation . Click 1 , and now do these exercises , 2 ,3, and 4 . Now let's remember some irregular verbs , 5 . and now let's work with Past Simple , 6 .

Let's change the subject just a little working with Comparatives and Superlatives , please do these two activities 7 and 8 .
Tomorrow we are starting a new unit , unit 6 dealing with parts of the house . Here there is a really valuable link . Please write and translate in your notebook ten new words from "Other Rooms " and ten more from " Things you may find around the house " . Click 9 .