Sunday, 15 May 2011


1-Read this text.


Last month I was on holiday in Ireland with my mum and dad. One day, we were driving through a small village. It was time for lunch, so we stopped at a restaurant .
It was a large , old builiding. We looked through the window. There were lots of people in the restaurant. They were eating , drinking and chatting . A musician was playing the violin. But there was something strange about the people . They weren't wearing normal , modern clothes. They were wearing hats, jackets and dresses from another century . We couldn't understand it. But we were hungry , so we opened the door .
When we went into the restaurant, everything was different. The people were wearing normal clothes. The musician wasn't there- the music was on CD. It was a very strange experience !


2- Now copy these questions in a new file and answer them .

1- Who was Daniel on holiday with ?
2- Why did they stopa at a restaurant ?
3- What were the people in the restaurant doing ?
4- What instrument was the musician playing ?
5- What was strange about their clothes?
6- When they went into the restaurant, did they see the musician ?


1-Look at the picture and write what these people were doing when the teacher arrived at the school ?


1- When the teacher arrived , the girl in number 1 was sitting on a bench and she was studying .

Write your sentences in the new file .


2-Do you remember a strange or scary story? . Write a short story about a terrifying experience in your life . (80-100 words )

Monday, 2 May 2011


Good morning class,
I hope you have enjoyed your holidays but now we need to start working hard because the end of the course is coming and I think we 'd better refresh some old concepts and explanations you probably don't remember now, but don't worry I've got some exercises to refresh your mind .

Today we are going to work the contrast between Present Simple and Present Continuous . First a sort of explanation . Click 1 , and now do these exercises , 2 ,3, and 4 . Now let's remember some irregular verbs , 5 . and now let's work with Past Simple , 6 .

Let's change the subject just a little working with Comparatives and Superlatives , please do these two activities 7 and 8 .
Tomorrow we are starting a new unit , unit 6 dealing with parts of the house . Here there is a really valuable link . Please write and translate in your notebook ten new words from "Other Rooms " and ten more from " Things you may find around the house " . Click 9 .