Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Good morning class ,
Here you've got some exercises to practise MODAL VERBS just before your grammar/vocabulary exam . Please click on 1 and do modal verbs 1,2,3,4 . Now click on 2 .

Good luck !!!

Sunday, 12 February 2012



- Cosmetic surgery is one of the most used techniques to change the physics of someone .
-In the case of the piercing I understand that it is a mode .
- Some shopping adicts don't have money enough to go shopping and make shoplifting .
- Some shops have to close for the shoplifting .
- 70 % of population have a modificate our body .
- People use differents techiques to change our body and is good for look better and have more good self-esteem .
- A lot of people use techniques to change his image because this people don't like your body .
- A lot of people buy thinks that are expensive and more people because they are shopping addicted people .
- There are very tehcniques to change our image but ..., they are healthy for us ??
- Piercing and tattooing are less dangerous so you need to be careful with the illnesses that they produce .
- Actuallity , more girls are interesting for her physics form .
- I believe that change our image using cosmetics surgery, piercing or tattooing is bad for the society .
- You can have a pretty body with cosmetic surgery .
- More youngs people have problems because they don't know use the correct form of going on a diet .

Copy and paste these sentences in a new file and correct them . Then we will correct them all in class . If you finish you can continue with the grammar exercises we didn't finish in our last on-line lesson