Friday, 21 March 2014


Good morning class ,
Today we are going to work with personality adjectives .

 First, have a look at these lists of vocabulary and check how many of them you already know. 1, 2  .

Now let's do some activities dealing with personality adjectives. Please click on 3, 4, . And now an activity to learn a bit more about you . It is a personality test , if you do it carefully the results will be close to the truth . Please click on 5 .
Well done,, some synonyms exercises to enhance our vocabulary .This kind of activities are really useful to practise the " find in the text words similar to .." from the PAU TEST. Click on 6  . Please take into consideration that in this activity there are 10 different lists of synonyms to work with, so take your time .

Last but not least, some voluntary work for the weekend to cheer yourself up . Watch this  Emilio Duro's video . It is is in Spanish but I think you need some positive energy for the days to come . Ckeck it out !!!

Take care. Have fun. Work hard . Be happy and enjoy your weekend . You deserve it .

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