Thursday, 10 March 2016


Good morning students ,

The aim of this entry is to provide you with some vocabulary background for your next Fonix  exam . The written part is going to be about HEALTH AND ILLNESS  so you can browse these links to achieve new words or simply as  a reminder of the kind of vocabulary you are likely to work with in your test .  These activities and lists of vocabulary cover all levels, that means from ESO 1st up to Batxillerat 1 . So don't feel frustrated if you think they are too difficult for you . There are plenty of exercises  and it is obvious that you won't be able to do them all . Just browse the links and do the ones you consider more useful or funnier  . Remember that the aim of these activities is to get used to the vocabulary of this topic . GOOD LUCK !!

First , a list of words and expressions . Click on 1 , and 2 .

Vocabulary exercises
Health problems  3 ,
A healthy life   4
Health and illness
A healthy diet - 6
Health and medicine 7

What's wrong with me ? 8

Health phrasal verbs - ( list ) 9 , 10

Health and sports . Phrasal verbs - 11  , 12  ( really useful)

Writing tips

Last but not least , some samples of essays related to health, fitness,etc ... including some writing tips .

click on 13 ,  14 , and 15

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