Friday, 10 March 2017

Fonix 2017- Arts and Desgin

Good morning students ,

As we agreed in our last meeting , we are going to provide you with some background and vocabulary to prepare your next  FONIX  test . remember that the issue in the next exam is going to be ARTS and DESIGN  Check these links out !!!

 a set of useful vocabulary...

 to give your opinion about a piece of art . 1 ,

To express your feelings about  a particular piece of art 2 .

A sample of text talking about art with some useful vocabulary 3  

A list of idioms related to art ( specially interesting for Batxillerat students ) 4

A list of basic art vocabulary translated into Spanish ( all levels ) - 5

 Useful set of exercises using art vocabulary (click on worksheet:download. It is a PDF) -

More exercises ... in PDF _ 7

How to describe a painting (pdf)- 8

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