Monday, 20 December 2010


Good morning class ,

Let's start our last on-line lesson with some exercises dealing with adjectives . Do these activities and write down in your notebook all the adjectives you don't know . Please click 1 , 2 , and now let's continue with some comparative and superlative exercises . Please click on 3 , 4 ,.
And now we are going to work with some zodiac vocabulary to know a little bit more about yourself and your schoolmates . Please click on 5 , 6 . Remember to write down and translate vocabulary you don't understand .
Now you have to ask your colleagues for his/her star sign and write down at least one sentence of each one with the information given in the last exercise . For instance , Libra are optimistic and boastful , and Pepito is Libra so the sentence could be ." Pepito is optimistic and boastful ". Copy the sentences in your notebook .
Remember to show all your vocabulary and sentences to the teacher at the end of the session . Good luck !

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