Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Read this text and answer these questions .


In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer, wanted to travel around the world. He left Spain with five ships and about 260 men. But Magellan didn't finish the journey. He died in April 1521. Only one ship came back to Spain. The eighteen men on that ship were the first people to travel around the world .
Robert Scott, an English explorer, wanted to be the first person to get to the South Pole. In 1910, Scott and his men started their journey from New Zealand. They arrived at the South Pole in January 1912. But they weren't the first at the Pole . Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer, arrived there in December 1911. The weather became very bad and Scott and his men couldn't get home . They died in Antarctica in March 1912 .

1- What nationality was Magellan ?
2- When did he start his journey ?
3- What did he want to do ?
4- Did he return home ?
5- When did he die ?
6- What did Robert Scott want to be ?
7- Who was the first explorer to get to the South Pole ?
8 - Did Scott and his men survive ?

Imagine you were an explorer . What would you like to visit and how ? . Write a short paragraph .

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